Saturday 21 April 2018

Shadow Dancing

Surf's Up
Hank Marvin has got a lot to answer for: when surfing (literally) Youtube I don't think I've ever seen a single 60s combo playing their then current instrumental hit of the day and not do the  Shadows Shuffle. The Chantays are no exception.

Their 1963 hit Pipeline is a tour de force. It's impossible to keep still when it comes on the radio. Not that many radio stations in 2018 go in for a lot of surf.

As with the Ventures, this video clip is magical. When the group introduce themselves you just know that this is the biggest night of their lives; and, who knows, maybe it still is.

The Chantays - Pipeline

P.S. Many years later Johnny Thunders really took the song to town - this live version even ended up on the Sopranos soundtrack. A bigger accolade you'd be hard pushed to achieve.


  1. John, I really enjoyed watching this video and it knocked me sideways to learn that the ultimate in squeaky-clean adult-targeted variety programs - The Lawrence Welk Show - had once featured an act that would appeal to the teenage crowd of the time!

  2. VS - I'm sure that strongly worded letters were written to the relevant newspapers.

  3. Great video. My Dad would have approved unlike he did of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zep et. al. when they appeared lol

    1. Hey Graham. Thanks for dropping by; not heard from you for ages - how are you? It is a priceless video, isn't it? And I hereby dedicate it to Mr. Hunt Snr.!