Saturday 14 April 2018

Call the Fire Brigade!

Janet [L] & Sharon - On Fire!
When band members cite reasons for leaving a band then 'musical differences' must be the most well worn of them all: cliché central. But that's precisely why I, together with Sharon and Janet (pictured above), left our last choir and decided over a drink one night to start our own: CHOIR ON FIRE!

We start proper a week on Monday and already we're getting a lot of interest. The venue's booked, the set list is taking shape and we're getting ready to sing. And we'll sing anything from Abba to Zappa - that's what it says in the Nottingham Post!


  1. Sounds exciting. Good luck with it all - You will be super troopers I'm sure!

    1. We're all excited! If you were in a choir Alyson what would you like to sing?

    2. I've not been part of a choir for an awful long time but my daughter has, and the best thing they ever did was Rhythm Of Life - Goosebumps hearing that one but perhaps not easy to put together.

  2. Good luck, have fun! I reckon you should definitely sing the Move's 'Fire Brigade' for a start (thanks to the title of your post).
    My personal song of choice would be Don't Dictate by Penetration. I can just imagine a harmony on the chorus!