Friday 14 April 2017

The Pre-Genie

Bowie's The Jean Genie is nearly 45 years old. Can you believe it? It was released as a single in November 1972, before appearing on Aladdin Sane the following year.

'Make Me Your Baby' by Giorgio Moroder, meanwhile, will be 50 next year. Moroder, the man who gave us Chicory Tip's 'Son of My Father' and a ton of disco smashes including Donna Summers' orgasmic 'Love to Love', released this prototype for the Jean Genie in April 1968.

Giorgio Moroder - Make Me Your Baby


  1. This has just sparked quite a discussion here at SDS Towers... I was quite amazed at this Giorgio Moroder one, and have now also been pointed in the direction of Honeybus 'Girl of Independent Means', plus the Yardbirds' cover - and the original - of Bo Diddley' 'I'm A Man'. Not sure where the influences and differences start or end but I guess that main rock'n'roll riff is one that can always be relied on!

    1. The Yardbirds were mentioned in my Blockbuster blog. Same riff. Released at the same time. On the same label!

  2. Well, I never knew Moroder was involved in Chicory Tip. That's made my weekend. Good to see your blog is working again, it's not been letting me comment for the last few days.