Sunday 31 May 2015

Why did the hens cross the road?

It was Race Day and the sun was shining. But it wasn't just race goers who piled off the train in their droves in search of an early doors drink; there were more hen parties in town than you could shake a shitty stick at. How some of them would have made it beyond sundown is a mystery - many would have been early fallers long before teatime. But despite many wearing heels higher than your average house and L plates being the accessory of choice, it looked like most of them would have been worth an each way bet on staying the course.


  1. What great illustrations for the expression "all shapes and sizes"!

  2. Oh great! Hens party sounds amazing! I liked your party theme as well as other arrangements. I must say that your planner has arranged things perfectly. I wish I could also find out similar party venues in Houston for our college friends reunion party.