Tuesday 7 December 2010

100 not out

Whilst all the talk this week, starting tomorrow certainly, will centre around the anniversary of Lennon's assassination, I've not seen many people pick up on Edmundo Ros' 100th birthday today.

Born in Port of Spain, Trinidad 7 December 1910, Ros made his name in London from the 1940s onwards as bandleader, arranger and vocalist with his own samba and Latin American orchestras. With residencies at The Coconut Grove and The Bagatelle, his gigs were often a Who's Who of the current stars and starlets of the day. Even a very young Princess Elizabeth was known to throw a few shapes on the floor before taking on her current job.

Ros played his last show in 1994 but remains in relatively good health enjoying his Spanish retirement.

Edmundo Ros: Football Calypso


  1. Edmundo Ross?....well I must be at Aunt Helen's.
    Thanks for the memory...super!

  2. Hurrah for Edmundo I'm sure I've got some in the collection. And I thought this was going to be 100 posts piece

  3. Desmond Carrington dedicated last Friday's show to Edmundo. And I very much enjoyed it!

  4. Desmond Carrington! He must be fast catching Edmundo up. Wasn't he ' Your Hundred Greatest Tunes' man? Back when Radio 2 was Radio 2 (not Radio 1 and a half) and had to be listened to on a wireless.

  5. Surprisingly, I rather enjoy Desmond's show. It's the sort of thing you want people to listen to who think popular music didn't exist before 1956.