Monday 24 July 2023

This is the Modernist world

I do love clubs. Always have. And societies; places, forums, where, for want of a better expression, you can find your tribe. What I also love is the fact that you can find your tribe, tribe
s even, at any point in your life; but I'll be quite honest with you - even I never thought I'd be joining another society. In 2023. Not with my advancing cynicism.

But hey, every day's a school day - to use another hackneyed phrase. So, long story short, I've thrown my lot in with the Modernists: formerly known as The Manchester Modernist Society (they've now dropped the Manchester) they're a not for profit creative project dedicated to celebrating and engaging with twentieth century architect and design through publishing, events, exhibitions and creative collaborations. Icing on the cake time - their patrons include Jonathan Meades and Johnny Marr*. Pretty cool, huh?

Their quarterly magazine is in itself a thing of rare beauty and their subtle pin (pictured above) is just the sexiest thing I've seen in a long time. Next time you see it on my jacket I'll allow you to drool over it.

*Johnny Marr - Musician, Mancunian and modernist. (His bio from their website.)


  1. Medd The Modernist! Definitely has a ring to it...
    Love the pin - and some fine examples of similarly great 'less is more' graphic design on having a quick look through the website just now; think I've been drawn to it before for various reasons - must go back and linger longer. Enjoy your membership.

    1. Thank you, C! I think TMS pull together a lot of the strands that make this blog the behemoth it appears to have become. I commend it to the house!

  2. Great stuff, John. How long before we see splinter group The Meddernists, I wonder...? I love the pin.

    On a separate note, after nearly falling at the first hurdle, I've picked myself and Tweeted (or is it X'd these days?) a couple of red phone boxes for the photo challenge. Sorry they're so late!

    1. Thank you, K. Yes, I am a Meddernist. I can't deny it!