Wednesday 12 April 2023

Be good, back soon

What's 36 years between friends?

I'm slipping anchor for a few days. The phone's off the hook and my out of office message has been activated. Back soon. If anything urgent crops up, take a message. Or not, your call.

Starting tomorrow, the young man pictured above has been tasked with dragging me in some questionable drinking dens north of the border; that's what normally happens whenever I'm in his 'hood . See you in a few days. Be good. And don't forget to put the bins out.


  1. Enjoy, John. Just remember - you're not as young as you once were! (Like you need me to remind you of that.)

  2. Have a great time John - and do get up to anything I wouldn't...!
    Love those pics.

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers, Adam. Home or away I do try and have fun.