Wednesday 11 November 2020

Ode to Billie Jo

Blankets - not 100% safe

Who remembers when the KLF got it on with Tammy Wynette? Yep, it was 1991- the musical landscape at the time was, to say the least, very housey and drenched in acid (sorry, Aciiiid!) and their resulting lovechild became something of an ear-worm, long before such a thing was even a thing.

Bent tried something similar a number of years later when they and Billie Jo Spears, ahem, laid their blanket on the ground. The electronica duo from Nottingham sampled two of Billie Jo's songs (But I Do and Hurt - both from 1975) and set them against the most infectious bass line you're ever likely to hear. What Ms. Spears thought about the fruit of their union is sadly not documented. I'd like to think she'd have approved. 

Bent - So Long Without You (2003)


  1. Don't think I've ever heard this before, very nice indeed.

  2. At around the same period that punk was raging, I took my girlfriend of the time to see Billie Jo Spears in concert. I had an ulterior motive though - Carl Perkins was the support act.

    1. I feel a thread coming on: gigs you only went to for the support band - I can think of loads...

  3. This is a weird bit of synchronicity - I've just hopped over from another blogging buddy's place, where I've been trying to explain who Billie Jo Spears is. He thought this year had been B***S*** so was offering up suggestions for acts with the initials BS. Mine was Billie Jo yet he hadn't heard of her (and he's American, although a bit younger than us) - Was she more successful here than across the pond?

    That does work well doesn't it. Recognise her voice but wouldn't have placed it if you hadn't pointed it out.