Monday 23 December 2019

Fu*k it Up

It was the arse end of 1976. Disco was big. Arguably, funk was even bigger. The Sweet - best known then (and now, not a lot changes) for earlier glam anthems like Block Buster!, Ballroom Blitz and Hellraiser - were in the wilderness and looking for a new direction. Aren't we all.

Inevitably, the new direction was no more than a wrong turn down a dead end street. They soon did a u-ey, came back and stuck to what they were good at. But not before they recorded something of a cult classic. Shortly after its release it was being played in hip New York clubs. Not rock clubs; clubs with red velvet ropes, mirror balls and everything.

The Sweet - Funk it Up (1976)


  1. A lot of profanity around here of late so I thought, here we go again!But no, we're funking it up. Not ever heard that Sweet record before but glad to hear it became a bit of a cult classic in NYC's hip nightclubs. Wonder if they knew about Blockbuster et al that came first?

    Better say Merry Christmas, as pretty close to the big day now. Hope you enjoy it and get some great stuff that doesn't (ever) end up in landfill.

  2. Profanity? On my blog? Surely not, Alyson!

    Happy f***ing Christmas!

    J x

  3. A belated Happy Funking Christmas to you and yours, John. (I tried to get in to your blog yesterday and it wouldn't let me... had difficulty again just now via Blogger and Google but then accessed via Bing, v strange!)

    1. And to you too, C.

      Yes, I've been experiencing a few Blogspot problems - the vast amount of data in both sidebars was grinding the site to a practical halt.
      I've had James working on it today and am now back - I hope - up to speed.