Sunday 16 June 2019

My Father's Name is Dad

Dad's just rung. He thanked me for his card and then proceeded to tell me that he's going travelling round Ireland at the end of the month. He's 83. Respect. I think the last time he took the car on the Holyhead to Dublin ferry he was driving a 1963 Ford Anglia. And they still had the Punt. Cars and currency may change but my dad's determination is locked-on. There will be stories when he gets back; to be sure, to be sure.

The Fire - My Father's Name is Dad (1968)


  1. Yes - big respect to your dad! Hope it all goes well and look forward to hearing some of his tales through you. Something to aim for too when we're in our 80s perhaps? I wonder what we'll be listening to en route.
    I love this single too. Long ago, Mr SDS and I amassed quite an enviable collection of fairly rare 60s psych and beat 45s (which we eventually sold in order to pay the deposit on our first flat... yes that much... crazy). It included this original gem.

    1. It's a nailed on classic, isn't it? Selling vinyl's never easy; hope the flat was worth it...?

    2. It was thanks! After living in a few truly awful rented shitholes it was amazing to have our own pad and it was brand new... from there to here some years later and no regrets. The sale worked well, a friend had a contact in the US who bought the singles as a job lot, and just at the right time.
      For a good few thousand £££s too. One of those life-changing moments!