Friday 19 February 2016

This will be our last song together, words will only make us cry

This week two people very close to me called time on their relationship. And the fallout has, predictably, reached Medd Towers. My role in all of this – that of Agony Aunt (a role, by the way, for which I have no training whatsoever) – involved lots of listening and a few pastoral words to them both based on my own, not unimpeachable, track record. Unrprisingly, it soon became apparent that I wasn’t equipped with the tools needed for the job and to help get their relationship back on to the track from which it had, only recently, been derailed. It’s all very sad.

Not for the first time, pieces of music come into my mind and, like all pesky earworms, refuse to budge. As one who has observed this purely from the sidelines I can’t help but be moved by this 1973 song from Neil Sedaka.

1 comment:

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