Tuesday 12 January 2016

Station to Station

British Rail breakfast c.1973
Second helpings
David Bowie's fear of flying was well documented. He was convinced if he ever got on a plane he would die. Bowie's lifelong patronage of liners and bullet trains meant that when he toured the world he actually saw the world. Albeit with a lot of sea thrown in for good measure. During his 1972 tour of North America he amassed a staggering 15,000 train miles in 83 days. Forget blue plaques and commemorative statues; they should name a locomotive after him.

David Bowie 1947-2016


  1. Station to Station was an album of his I really liked - often overlooked by the critics in my humble opinion but key in the transition from Ziggy to Young Americans to the Berlin albums

  2. Oh yes- surprised so many have avoided the comment that all par one of the original Spiders line up are now passed on.... heaven has all the best music