Friday 3 April 2015

Warner brothers

'Warner Brothers' acrylic on canvas
Harry (1881-1958), Albert (1884-1967), Sam (1888-1927) and Jack (1892-1978): the Warner brothers. By 1923 they already owned a string of movie theatres and, operating out of Hollywood, had moved into film distribution. In 1927, within a couple of years of establishing Warner Brothers Pictures Inc., they released The Jazz Singer - the first film to have synchronised music and dialogue.

Nearly fifty years later they released this. We can only speculate what Al Jolson would have made of it.

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  1. Brilliant song, and like School's Out, the single version is different than the one that ended up on the album (and all the subsequent compilations). More jagged and raggedy-arsed and all the better for it.

    It's Bob Ezrin's song in the end though isn't it? I think only Frankie goes to Hollywood owed more to their producer.