Saturday 10 September 2011

We lit a fire?

If Beatles cover versions were motorways they would be strewn with pileups and fatalities. And hard shoulders nose to tail with breakdowns awaiting recovery. Cue Cilla Black: I don't think I've ever heard a cover version where the whole meaning of the song has been altered, nay butchered, by changing just a handful of words.


  1. there were times in the great Hank's career he must have looked back and cringed!

  2. I think the original's an ambiguous song but Cilla's version does seem a bit confused - who's this "we"?

  3. F - Farrah slacks and round glasses; it must have been his Summer of Love.

    A - Where do you start? I tell you what, let's just remember Alfie and Liverpool Lullaby (Mucky Kid) and pretend this never happened. Move along now - nothing to see here.