Monday 18 July 2011

The cat in the hat


My good friend Sarah has recently acquired a new kitten and a bowler hat. So I suppose the above photo has a certain inevitability about it.

I like a bowler, don't you? From Mr Benn and The Homepride Men to A Clockwork Orange and John Cleese's Ministry of Silly Walks, the bowler has been the titfer of choice throughout the ages for the great and the good. Here's a quartet who need no introduction...


  1. It's a real shame about hats. I've never tried a bowler on but generally hats don't suit me. The only one that does is a cowboy hat, but you just can't wear them anywhere but America (or the Eurasian steppe maybe). Certainly not in Twickenham anyway.

  2. I own a fine Edwardian bowler, but it rarely gets an outing these days. It got a lot of wear in the 80s, though, with my old Bodymap gear...

    That kitten doesn't look too thrilled to be the cat in that hat.


  4. I own a fine Edwardian bowler but it rarely happens these days in the picnic. Got a lot of wear in the 80s, though, with my gear Body map old .