Saturday 14 May 2011

Not the retiring type

It's hard to imagine that Ron Sexsmith was thinking of calling it a day before the release of Long Player Late Bloomer, his latest album. Whether or not Radio 2 ubiquity will prove to be his artistic lifejacket remains to be seen. All I know is that the current music landscape would be a poorer place without the cherubic Canadian.

Here's a little toe tapper he premiered on BBC 4's Songwriting Circle from Bush Hall in west London. Funnily enough he played the same song on Later a couple of weeks back; I saw him many moons ago when he shared the stage with Jools' playground chums Difford and Tilbrook where he all but upstaged the pair.

Don't reach for the Werther's Originals just yet Ron.


  1. ... I on the otherhand would gladly retire tomorrow... i.e. if I had an income I didn't have to work for to keep me in the lap of luxury I'm used to ;-)

    I sometimes think for some artists it is just the "do I have to do all this sh** to get anything back?" So I can understand why they might want to call it a day - his comment on Jules about the Buble cover on a multimillion selling album was telling... something along the lines of "There are a lot of people in the chain before anything gets to me, and it takes a long time... or at least that's what I'm told. Still my publisher is happy". Yep - not paying you the royalties it sounds like you're due Ron!

  2. F - Everyone thought Nick Lowe got lucky with his $$ payola contribution to The Bodyguard; but as he reminded them 'if you've got enough lines in the water it's only a matter of time 'til you get a bite.'