Tuesday 29 September 2020

Cracking the Code

In a world already tipped on its head, the very thought that I would be offering New Blogger tips to others (and not vice versa) would, you'd have thought, be a stretch of the imagination too far even for regular visitors to this remote outpost of the internet. 

But I could see that in my recent posts, and posts by fellow bloggers too, featuring uploaded Youtube videos, the video footage could only be viewed whilst in 'web version' (i.e. when you're looking at the post on a PC or Mac), but not in 'mobile version' (it disappeared totally when viewed from your phone). And the reason why? It's all in the html code. However, after a little chin stroking and not an inconsiderable amount of exasperation, I've been able to crack the code. Me!

So, if you have trouble viewing your blog videos on your phone, please drop a self stamped addressed envelope to Medd Towers and I promise I'll get back to you before the clocks go back.

In the meantime here's the ridiculously talented Rachel Flowers playing a Keith Emerson piece she learned by ear.

Rachel Flowers - The Endless Enigma



  1. Sorry I missed the offline chatter over the weekend John, I was otherwise engaged in our nation's capitol at the time. Glad to hear you've got it all sorted.
    As for Rachel Flowers - wow! Real shivers up the spine stuff.

  2. Well done - That magnifying glass (and deerstalker?) obviously did the trick.

    As for Rachel Flowers - Yes ridiculously talented. Where was she playing there?

  3. Wow, yes, she is so talented - it's almost as if she is part of that piano. I recognised the music from my sister's album collection, hadn't realised quite how familiar it would sound until now! As for the code thing - I'd be grateful for your expertise, just if you get a chance some time, please!