Friday 27 May 2011

Burning issues

Hands up if you still do compilation CDs for your friends. Thought so. If you fancy taking it one stage further (go on, you know you want to) then why not join the good people over at Summer Burn 2011.

And don't forgot to tell your friends.

If you're (un)lucky enough to get a disc from me, this'll probably be Track 1.

World Party: Sunshine

Monday 16 May 2011

33s and 45s

It's been said that talking about music is like dancing about architecture. That being the case I'd best dig out my tap shoes: a week on Wednesday my local is having a vinyl show and tell evening. With a proper Dansette turntable promised, I've got just over a week to dig out some platters and put forward a case for my choices. On the surface you'd think selecting your favourite records would be like shooting fish in a barrel, but when you've got a collection with hundreds of singles (7" and 12") EPs, albums, double albums, triple albums (step forward Paul McCartney), just getting a shortlist together will probably mean several evenings of burning the midnight oil.

It promises to be a great night and not just because of the top choons which will no doubt be played at full tilt. I'm also looking forward to the stories that go with them. I know that most of my hits and misses will have a back story: how I discovered that artist, have I seen them live, where I bought the record, how much it cost, the label it came out on, the bag it came in (or is that just me!), whether or not it got taken to parties - each record has it's own unique DNA. It's early days to tell you what I'll be taking but I'd be very surprised if there wasn't some early 70s glam rock, some classic 60s 'B' sides (Beatles, Who, Stones, Kinks, Hollies) maybe some Northern Soul. Or it may just be Never Mind The Bollocks. Sides 1 and 2.

I'll report back with my final runners and riders next week.

In the meantime, feel free to let me know what you'd pick - and why.

Wreckless Eric: 33s & 45s

Saturday 14 May 2011

Not the retiring type

It's hard to imagine that Ron Sexsmith was thinking of calling it a day before the release of Long Player Late Bloomer, his latest album. Whether or not Radio 2 ubiquity will prove to be his artistic lifejacket remains to be seen. All I know is that the current music landscape would be a poorer place without the cherubic Canadian.

Here's a little toe tapper he premiered on BBC 4's Songwriting Circle from Bush Hall in west London. Funnily enough he played the same song on Later a couple of weeks back; I saw him many moons ago when he shared the stage with Jools' playground chums Difford and Tilbrook where he all but upstaged the pair.

Don't reach for the Werther's Originals just yet Ron.

Saturday 7 May 2011

You can call me Jöhn

It's the little things in life. Today, I discovered the umlaut key on my Mac keyboard. What joy! You may wonder how this will make me a more upright and rounded individual. And you wouldn't be in a party of one. But it now means that I can type the names of many bands (most, though not all, from the metal fraternity) with their correct handle. You know the ones: Motörhead, Blue Öyster Cult, Maxïmo Park. It also means that I can wind my good friend Löst Jimmy up by telling him I really enjoyed Goblin's difficult third album: Teäsmade.

Before I get my coat, I'll leave you with this tïmeless clässic: