Tuesday 4 July 2017

Tank Top

Can you look cool in a sleeveless Fairisle sweater? More to the point, can Paul McCartney? Let's face it, Macca's never been the most sartorial of Beatles. Could it be his choice of gansey was the reason why Magical Mystery Tour tanked? Answers on a postcard.
And even when he was sitting atop an actual tank he never really looked that convincing.

'Where the bloody hell's Ringo? He should be doing this!'

PS - 7.7.17

As a footnote to the piece, I really wanted to add this song by Ben Lane. I picked up his album a couple of years ago in a coffee shop in Scarborough, so I'm guessing Ben is a Scarborian. If he stumbles across this blog at anytime I'm sure he'll either confirm or deny. Either way, it's a very Macca type tune that, despite the annoying click-track, is the sort of thing he would have put out on a Wings B-side.

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