Sunday 1 January 2017


Being a Rat (b. December 1960) and with the approaching year of the Rooster (Chinese New Year - commencing 28 January), 2017 is, apparently, going to be a 'colourful' year for me; whatever that means. I'll keep you posted.

Here's Mick Taylor, the finest guitar player the Rolling Stones ever employed (and, D-O-B 17 January 1949, a fellow Rat), singing an ode to that noisiest of farmyard creatures. And/or his cock.

Mick Taylor - Little Red Rooster


  1. That last sentence put a smile on my face.

    I'm very fond of rats by the way - and I'm always happy to give them some good PR, so here's something rather special:

    1. Brilliant. And cute. All at the same time!