Saturday 29 August 2015

Top Coppers

It's not often I watch BBC3; I guess I don't match their photofit demographic. However, we found Top Coppers this week on the iPlayer and have already got the first two episodes under our belts.

Imagine Starsky and Hutch meets Father Ted and you're halfway to getting it. It's a cop show that's more Life on Mars than The Sweeney, more Inspector Clouseau than Philip Marlowe. Its two main protagonists, John Mahogony and Mitch Rust, are trying to clean up Justice City and in the course of so doing are given silly things to do. Very silly things.

If you've had a bad week I promise you that Top Coppers is the antidote. And if you've had a brilliant week, then this is the icing on your already brilliant cake.


  1. As my de facto cultral adviser, your word is good enough for me. It's on the list.

  2. On the same wavelength; I posted a pic of Lydia Rose Bewley with gun from this yesterday.

  3. I enjoyed episode 1 but couldn't help thinking that it's all been done before with Police Squad.

  4. Are you still watching John? I think Romero and Byrne (played by Jessica Gunning and Lydia Rose Bewley) deserve their own spin off. They were the Lord Flashhearts of the series!