Monday 10 November 2014

Watching the Detectorists

Detectorists: must watch TV

I must extend a big thank you to the Bright Ambassador for pointing me in the direction of Detectorists. I don't really need to add much more to his succinct critique of the programme. Only that Toby Jones and Mackenzie Crook, intentionally or otherwise, make for one of the funniest double acts I've seen in a long time. No, what I wanted to mention was the original music BA refers to: Johnny Flynn, in true Dennis Waterman style, both writes and sings the delightful theme tune. And it is so good and so near perfect that you really can't imagine the show working without it.

And as well as being a nu-folkie Flynn is also something of a thesp. He's no stranger to The Globe and The Royal Court and has bagged a fair bit of TV and film work along the way too.
Here's another one of his tunes. Stylishly shot in black and white, and complete with noises off, it's an acoustic version of the title song from Flynn's Country Mile album. Go get yourself a copy. And, while you're about it, catch up on Detectorists - they're all still up on the iPlayer.


  1. Thanks for the tip, this completely passed me by. The first episode has dropped off the iPlayer now, so I've added the series to my DVD rental list. The tunes sound good too.

  2. Really glad you enjoyed it, John. Johnny Flynn's musical endeavours are rather more preferable to his half brother's.

    I nearly jumped for joy when the announcer revealed that Detectorists will return next year.