Friday 26 September 2014

Mr. Soul

Sam Cooke, along with Charlie Rich, Solomon Burke and Nick Lowe, has a voice so rich, so layered, he could charm the birds out of any old tree he fancied.

And on 11 December 1964 that's precisely what he was doing; with disastrous consequences. Cooke, a born philanderer, couldn't keep it in his trousers. And that night he paid the ultimate price. But less than a year before, aged just 32, he had recorded and released, probably, the finest soul album of all time - Night Beat. Here's a cut from it.

Sam Cooke - Lost and Lookin' (1963)


  1. I may to trot off to Soul Survivors tonight.... I'm sure Mr Cooke will be on the turntables, though maybe a more uptempo track!

  2. Beautiful. Cheers for the nod to the great Charlie Rich.

    1. Charlie Rich is long overdue a reappraisal. I may well have a go myself if I can lock myself away for a couple of hours. Everyone knows the 70s hits but he was so much more.