Saturday 4 August 2012

Seaside Shuffle

It's getting warm; time to go to the seaside. That means hopping on the (steam) train, a walk in the sand, a couple of pints and fish and chips sitting on the harbour wall. Train home.

Gotta go, the train leaves in half an hour.


  1. Beau document pour cinémathèque. Et puis pour la plage...Inutile de te dire qu'elle m'inspire pour le land art.


  2. Hope the plan came together for you. I tried the same thing on Wednesday (by bus rather than steam train). It chucked it down. So just the chips & beer - not such a bad result all things considered.

  3. Roger - Merci!

    TS - *Churchill voice* 'Oh Yes!' The trains ran like clockwork (clockwork trains?), the water was warm and the beer was cool. And the chips hit the n on the h. A good day.