Thursday 11 November 2010

Great expectations

I don't know why the football cognoscenti were up in arms after last night's bore draw in Manchester. Have they not heard Don't Believe The Hype? Everything from The Stone Roses' second album to any number of Dylan live shows have been bigged up to breaking point only to disappoint massively. I know we all want to look forward to something on the horizon, only for the eventual, some might say predictable, let down. That's what makes getting out of bed every day such a lottery.

And then, occasionally, we do actually get what we want: a Christmas not ruined by family feuds or cremated food, a Summer holiday that sticks in your memory as if digitally downloaded, maybe a blockbuster sequel that was actually better than the original. Which is why we're all wandering 'round living in hope. Most of us, anyway.


  1. Too true John, I'd add Kraftwerk to that list of things that wasn't worth the wait. It does pay off sometimes though (in music anyway), Arcade Fire managed to top their debut.
    You've made me dig out my Rutles album, now when are they going to do something new? ;P

  2. d'you know, I really do think it is just me who loves that 2nd Roses album! Loved it at the time and still love it now.... (hell I even quite liked the Seahorses, so I guess I must need help!)

  3. Piley, I'm with you there. However at the time it was still a little disappointing. The thing is think how it is for the generation who have just gone into a shop and bought The Second Coming without knowing the history of it all, without having those huge expectations. In a way they're the people who can really judge the album purely on it's music. Kind of like me as a lad with Let It Be.
    Can't be doing with The Seahorses though, The Shirehorses maybe, but The Seahorses, gah.

  4. A couple of years back Andy Ellison and Martin Gordon announced that the original 'Dirty Pictures' lineup of The Radio Stars would be playing a one off gig at The Blow Up. Me and The Number One Son went to pay homage. We weren't disappointed and still talk about it now.

  5. bloody hell!! I was at the Radio Stars gig JM! I blogged it too here. I also interviewed Martin gordon before the show which you can see here and here

    Did you know they did another reform in January this year at the 100 club? Don't tell me you were there too!


    Gig review

  6. I wasn't Piley: one 'one-off' only for me. I first saw them in 1977 at Leicester De Montfort Hall supporting Eddie & The Hot Rods and Squeeze. Bet you weren't at that one!

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